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  • Celia Jenkins

Article Published on Pudding Shop Press

I was most honoured to be invited to write for this exciting new blog earlier this year. Pudding Shop Press is, as it says on their page, 'a literary travel site set up to share and tell the stories and art of women and the journeys they make'. There is lots of talent featured on those pages and I was very pleased to be asked to write for them.

My article is called The Thing With Travelling Writers Writing Something Other Than Travel Writing, and it is about my journey to becoming a writer and the challenges I have faced along the way. Finding success as a travel writer has been awesome, but just like popular actors who get typecast into the same sort of roles over and again, it can be hard to break free once you find yourself stuck in one genre.

Take a look at my article and also pursue the other articles on the website - there is gold to be found! '

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