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  • Celia Jenkins

BaBs - Super Simple Learning

As a kindergarten teacher, I am always on the lookout for new materials I can use in class. There are, literally, millions of free worksheets, videos, colouring pages, PowerPoint presentations, songs, craft ideas and classroom tips online. Some are excellent... others are next to useless. So it is always a blessing to come across a company or project where loads of awesome materials are gathered together, so that you know you don't need to go wading through rubbish to find those perfect materials. Super Simple Learning is one such treasure trove.

Founded in 2003 by real-life English teachers searching for top-notch materials, the Super Simple Learning company has since released CD's and videos, with their YouTube Channel being viewed over 5 billion times. TIME Magazine named them one of the 50 Best Websites of 2013. So yeah, basically, Super Simple Learning is an absolute wonderland whether you are a TEFL teacher, mainstream teacher, parent or educator of any sort.

From traditional nursery rhymes (such as Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, BINGO, Old MacDonald and Five Little Ducks) to their own original songs, teachers can find a wealth of materials to use in the classroom. Whether you're looking for a main event or a bit of background noise, you can find it on the Super Simple Songs You Tube Channel. As well as songs, you can also find phonics materials and short cartoons to view for free.

On the main Super Simple Learning website you can download over 1,000 printable flashcards, more than 300 worksheets and over 100 colouring pages, as well as reading up on craft ideas. Signing up is free, as are all the materials. The also have a four-week e-course called 'Teaching Young Learners with Songs' - whether you are a first-time teacher or a childcare expert, you won't fail to take something new away from this great free course. Just sign up to the website to join up and get the lessons direct you your inbox.

This is absolutely one of the best teaching resources out there for keeping young learners entertained. I use these resources in class pretty much every day and the children never get tired of it - there is always a new song to learn, a new related worksheet to complete or a new video for watch. Materials are pitched mainly at kindergarten aged children, but there are also things applicable for older students such as fill-the-gap worksheets and word searches. Have you used the Super Simple Learning songs or materials before? My personal favourites are the Five Little Ducks and One Potato Two Potatoes songs - how about you?

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