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  • Celia Jenkins

NaPoWriMo 2017 Haiku 575 - Day Seven

It's been a great day for haiku writing! This morning I went for a walk with some of the other volunteers down 'sakura road' - a whole lane lined with cherry blossom trees, with a river running down the middle. Beautiful, and not too damaged by the rain - in fact, rather more beautiful for the dew drops dripping off them. Here are my haiku, along with some of the photos I took today.


rainbow petrol spill

daffodils turning away

cannot bear the smell


after the rain clears

sweet, sharp scent of sakura,

actually, too sweet


coffee shop jazz tunes

until the coffee kicks in

relaxing, then – WHAM!


moody almost storm

belts of brightness in the sky

darkness in the brow


under this pink cloak

little bluebell, unnoticed

don't fret, I see you


once the raindrops dry

unladen blossoms flutter,

now the petals fall


feeling so genki

despite the threatening sky

if you must rain, rain


jostling for space

bucketful of pansies, oh

narcissistic bloom


getting lost by choice

finding once again my path

turning off once more


military base

with sakura trees throughout

doesn't seem quite right

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