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  • Celia Jenkins

NaPoWriMo 2017 Haiku 575 - Day Fourteen

Was having quite a lethargic afternoon after a tiring morning, feeling like I wouldn't really get any haiku done, and then WHAM. A mixed bag today - I was reading some haiku online, mixed themes, so some random inspiration from that. Also, today is the one year anniversary since the first of the Kumamoto earthquakes (the first one was on a Thursday evening, just as I was leaving the supermarket) so I've been thinking about that today, about my old students, etc. And then of course some naturey ones because I've been doing farming work today, so lots of time out and about. Some pictures from the last few days, mostly in Hiroshima.

67. when they made their nest did the birds know that it would end up on the ground

68. autumn's tree disrobed cloaked or shivering in snow? blessing or white curse?

69. pirates conundrum - does the mark of wooden leg count as a footprint?

70. Miyajima port tourists pet and feed the deer as they lick their balls

71. a year to the day earthquake shook us from our bed who were we back then?

72. thinking back one year my last class, the last student before the earthquake

73. I was in the mall laden down with random things when the earthquake stuck

74. in the first tremors only dust brought down, no more, shocking for spiders

75. having left that aisle wine and glass flooded the floor in the earthquake's grip

76. Nanako, girl, 12, riding home after our class, earthquake knocked her down

77. Teacher Janes' Museum one year ago, still standing my heartbreak from quake

78. quiet beach side house window looking out to sea dreams floating away

79. thinking of my friend who liked making things with beads incense smoke drifts on

80. fierce old gust of wind multitude of blossoms fall flour, sieve, tumbling

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