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  • Celia Jenkins

NaNoWriMo 2017 Haiku 575 - Day Sixteen

Another good haiku day. We went to a great exhibition about Pompeii at the Fukuoka City Museum, as well as the general exhibition, and enjoyed lunch by the beach. Last weeks in Japan now... Read the word 'hoary' in some Virginia Woolf this morning and ti worked its way into my first two poems.


delicate petal

caught on a hoary cobweb

spider peels it off


hoary rolling haze

cloaking skyscrapers and sea

tendrils of a ghost


sun warmed concrete pier

two young lads with fishing poles

you fart in the breeze


approaching summer

tentative swimmers dip toes

gomi on the beach


sitting on the pier

spray hitting my face, eyes closed

warm arse, salty lips


well-dressed men walking

purposely down the long pier

where are you going?


sandals and white shirt

beach dad holding well-thumbed book

surfers careful pose


waves overlapping

sounding like washing machine

shells in the concrete


museum air-con hum

outside the sun is shining

ice-creams are melting

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