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  • Celia Jenkins

NaPoWriMo 2018 Haiku 575 - Day 17 (catch-up!)

Well, I haven't been posting my haiku every day, but I have been writing them! Here is a quick catch-up of what I've written recently, including one haiku which isn't in my favoured 5-7-5 format.


no penless authors

on nights like tonight, so bright

April moon shimmers 13.

letting out the bath

the plug gurgled like laughter

rush of cool spring air 14.

shaking out the sheet

I found the black ladybird,

sheer wings parted - flight 15.

bingo wings flapping,

she lifted up the curtain,

thin white net, my eyes 16.

into glass jars she

put pebbles, sand, feathers, shells,

the tide kept coming 17.

somewhere in the world

right now, birdsong in the air,

roses are blooming 18.

and once you'd killed it,

that spider on dusty web,

did you sleep better? 19.

while building a nest

the magpie falters, tangled,

the fat Tom watches 20.

getting the letter,

a thousand nights crystallise

in one still moment 21.

out of the gutter,

a foot, a wing, scrambling,

birds on my rooftop

22. and when the semi

cease their fatal cries, silence -

the crunch underfoot 23.

the sun will set

whether I am here

or not

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