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First post of 2020

It's been ages since I blogged anything. Ages! Probably something to do with being so busy these days... but here I am at last. I was just updating a few settings on my website (which nearly has 10,000 page views!) and switching to the new blog, so I thought I might as well write a new blog post.

So what have I been up to recently that's kept me so busy? Well, aside from my 101 other part-time jobs (ok, not 101, just 4...) my freelance writing has been going well with plenty of new contracts and continued work with long-term clients.

I've been writing narrative travel guides for Dinobibi. The sixth guide has just been published with two more in the pipelines, and I've got other books coming out with them this year that are different to the country guides. The idea behind these books is that rather having a boring book of facts about a destination, the country is introduced through a character, making it more like a story and therefore more engaging for children. Targeted at kids aged roughly 8-12, but certainly appealing to teenages interested in travel, and younger children too enjoy the colourful pictures and illustrations on every page. I love working with Dinobibi and am looking forward to our next books.

I've also been doing more travel writing and will have some articles coming out soon with a popular travel website, which I'll update on later! I'm also continuing my freelancing with various other clients, and just waiting on my magazine comissions for the year ahead.

Aside from that, I've also been writing a novel! I finished the first draft (about 80,000 words) at the end of 2019/start of this year, and I've been busy editing it with much more enthusiasm than I've edited anything before! There are a number of novel competitions I'm going to enter it into, and once I've edited it to perfection I'll be sending query letters to agents and publishers too. Fingers crossed!

Ok, that's it for my mini update. Back to work.

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