As an experienced, qualified language teacher, I have been commissioned to write several articles about teaching and teaching methodology. If you are a new teacher and are looking for some pointers, check out the links below to some of my published work. (Click the image and then click 'Go to link')

Choose Asia!
Top reasons to start teaching in Asia.
No-Prep Games for Class
For when you need a simple, no-prep game to use in the classroom.
Teaching Tips for a Naughty Child
Need help controlling a certain student?
Professional Development
How to make your teaching CV stand out from the crowd.
Don't Panic!
How to keep your cool when it all goes wrong in a TEFL classroom.
China: The Truth
What is it REALLY like to live and work in China?
Choosing a TEFL Course
What to look for... and look out for!
Teaching Writing
Top tips for teaching students to write.
Job Expectations
If you're teaching in China or Japan, here are some expectations you may have which might not be hitting the mark.
Simple Teaching Tips
Sometimes simple things are easy to forget, but they are so important!
How to Encourage Shy Students
Shy students can be a problem in the TEFL classroom. Read how you can support them better in this article.
Pros and Cons of choosing either a TEFL or CELTA qualification.
3 Surprising Things
Three surprising things that happen to you when you move to teach English abroad.
First Time Teaching Tips
First time teacher? This article will give you a run down of top tips to make sure you're off to a good start.
Teaching in East Asia
Language learners are all different, but some traits are more noticeable in certain cultures. If you plan to teach in East Asian, check out this article for an insight on how East Asians learn.
Teaching in China
Countless English teachers are hired in China every year. Here are some top reasons to start your teaching journey in the Orient.
Japanese Int'l Kindergartens
This article takes a look at the pros and cons of working at an International Kindergarten in Japan.
Teaching in Japan - Pros and Cons
This article looks at the highs and lows of working as an English teacher in Japan, and what the students are really like.
Are the Japanese Good at English?
This article evaluates the English ability of students in Japan and considers why the Japanese are often ranked behind other East Asian countries.
Where to Teach in Japan
If you're in Japan and looking for your first teaching job, click here to get the lowdown on which English schools to apply to.
English in Japan - A History
This article takes a look at the history of English language learning in Japan.
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Simple Teaching Tips

Sometimes simple things are easy to forget, but they are so important!

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