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As a trained, experienced language teacher, my language lesson worksheets have been carefully created with a clear language goal, suitable lexis and the right level of challenge. These are general worksheets which can be used time and again with different learners, and used as a springboard to set up further classroom activities. The worksheets I have created are available to download from the BusyTeacher website and iSLCollective website - it's free to use and free to download.



If you teach private students of a similar level (usually intermediate to advanced level, CEFR B1 and up) then please feel free to use these worksheets in your own lessons. They have been viewed thousands of times, rated as 5* and are easily adaptable. Browse below for topic details. (More topics coming soon). If you like the worksheets, please give them a 'like', leave a comment and share with fellow teachers.



Here's a link to my worksheets on the iSLCollective website.

All other links are for the BusyTeacher website.



General Idioms 1

General Idioms 2

General Idioms 3

General Idioms 4

General Idioms 5

Animal Idioms

Body Idioms 1

Body Idioms 2

Body Idioms 3

Body Idioms 4 

Clothing Idioms

Idioms Beginning with B 

Idioms Beginning with B (2) 


Phrasal Verbs

Phrasal Verbs 1 - Introduction

Phrasal Verbs 2 - Speaking Game

Phrasal Verbs 3 - Match and Gapfill

Phrasal Verbs 4 - Correct the Mistake

Phrasal Verbs 5 - Sentence Structure

Phrasal Verb Mind Map

Literal and Non Literal Phrasal Verbs


Linking Words

Linking Words - But / However 

Linking Words - Despite / In Spite Of / Although

Linking Words - Mixed Review 1

Linking Words - Mixed Review 2 

Linking Words - Mixed Review 3 


Adjective Order

Adjective Order - Practice 1

Adjective Order - Practice 2


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