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BaBs - Pudding Shop Press

Don't you just love it when you stumble across a really good blog? Something else to follow, to keep up with and share with your friends? Last year I was lucky enough not to stumble on such a blog, but to have one actually fall into my lap from the digital ether.

Pudding Shop Press is a collection of literary travel articles – by women, for women. Pronounced wimen. These quirky, off-beat stories highlight women travellers of antiquity and importance (such as Zora Neale Hurston and Marianne North), showcase top travel destinations through a fresh pair of eyes (such as Panaji, Istanbul and Andalusia) and feature original articles on hot topics for female travellers (such as The Thing with Solo Female Travel and The Thing with Taking Your Baby with You...). Whether you are a seasoned traveller or do your adventuring from behind the safety of an inspiring travel book, Pudding Shop Press will have something to peak your interest.

Featuring artwork and photo essays as well as articles, Pudding Shop Press is often looking for new submissions – as long as you're female and have a story to tell. Writing my article The Thing With Travelling Writers Writing Something Other Than Travel Writing for Pudding Shop Press was one of my favourite writing adventures of 2016 – it's so refreshing to be given a writing opportunity that really lets you explore yourself and think about things in a new way. If you have a travel-related idea bubbling away, send off a message to see if the blog is interested in publishing it.

Artist - Lily Allen

So if you've been looking for a new blog to reinvigorate your regular reading list, take a look at Pudding Shop Press and see what secret worlds you can discover:

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