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  • Celia Jenkins

NaPoWriMo 2017 Haiku 575 - Day Ten

Well, the first 10 days of April have been pretty mad. Our Workaway experience hasn't exactly gone as we would have liked, so we've changed our plans. Tomorrow we'll be heading down to Hiroshima (which we've never been to) for 2 nights, to relax and do a spot of tourism. Then later this week we'll be heading down to Fukuoka for our second Workaway placement, which we've extended, and we're very excited about. Seeing as this one has gone quite badly, I'm keeping my fingers crossed for an awesome time at this second farming experience. All the same, I've managed to write quite a few haiku here and so that is good at least. Here are my offerings for today.


overgrown with weeds

pulling up frogs by mistake

changes in the wind


for whom do you wait

nightingale without a voice

shy leaves, quivering


abundant brown frogs

one little green one, bright eyed

will not hop away


the crick and crackle

a crackling fire in spring

a fiery heartbeat


artist in a field

his paintbrushes grey water,

like this april sky


who is a stranger

when we all view this one moon?

full moon in april


does the nightingale

sing any sweeter for queens?

all are gods in spring

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